wp-piwik provides no data

Plugin wp-piwik is installed at your wordpress webite. Connection to your Piwik seams to established correctly. Source code of websites contains a piwik javascript. But no access data reaches your Piwik.

Todo: check network transmissen (via Chrome F12 or simular)   and inspect called url for siteid. In my case, there was an „n/a“

So you should check your wordpress database.

mysql> select option_name, option_value from wp_gruenert_options where option_name = "wp-piwik-site_id";
 | option_name | option_value |
 | wp-piwik-site_id | |
 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

If it look like this, you can update config database manually with

update wp_gruenert_options set option_value="1" where option_name = "wp-piwik-site_id";

while 1 should be ID of your Website in Piwik.



WP-Piwik 1.0.19, Piwik 3.2.1 ,WordPress 4.9.1.

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